If you are a high school student (9th – 12th grade) or have a high schooler, there is a great opportunity for you to check out!

Lt. Governor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge

The Lt. Governor’s Entrepreneurship Challenge (LGEC) is a competition for high school students that builds and recognizes entrepreneurial skills. Students can compete if they are in 9th – 12th grade. Here are the details:

  • Students compete in teams. There need to be two to four students on the team.
  • Each team needs to have an adult advisor that is not a parent. This adult will act as a guide throughout the process. Examples of this individual could be a teacher, coach, or local business owner.
  • Students compete in regionals within the state of Kentucky. The top two teams from each region will move on to compete at the finals.
  • The prize is scholarship money.

How it works

Each team will need to complete 4 different components which they will be scored on:

  1. Written business plan
  2. Oral presentation (pitch)
  3. 1-minute marketing video
  4. Tradeshow booth display

The regional competitions will be held in March 2019. Milestone requirements need to be submitted by February 20th.

Anyone that is interested needs to register by December 3. To register or find out more information you can view the details here. Best of luck to every student that enters!