It is a growing problem in our culture today to hear of young people who have accumulated many thousands of dollars in student loan debt and cannot find a job or have found a job that simply helps them make their school loan payments.
It is also a growing problem that many owners of trade businesses such as plumbing and electrical companies have more work than they can handle because of a drastic shortage of trained workers.

The challenge is real. Many millions of skilled trade workers are headed for retirement and few are trained to take their places.

My husband and I hear these stories many times each week as we run into business owners frustrated by their inability to grow their companies because of the shortage of qualified workers.

There is a great solution to both the woes of the business owner and the young person seeking a career that does not require mountains of debt to attain.

If you are interested in hearing about the amazing possibilities within the trade and apprenticeship world, come to:

Trade and Apprenticeships in Kentucky: an Informal Informational Meeting
Come and hear Brenda Demic, program director from the KY Department of Workplace Standards Division of Apprenticeships. She will be presenting information on the exciting developments within the world of trade and apprenticeship programs in Kentucky. Learn how you or your children can develop a lifetime career without attending college or accumulating debt. Hear from people both in apprenticeship programs and those who have made lifelong careers from their trades.

Tuesday, April 24th

Cedar Creek Baptist Church
7709 Bardstown Road
Louisville KY 40291
(Just South of the Gene Snyder Freeway)

Admission is free

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