Dear Families,
Over the past couple of year, our family has made significant changes in our eating habits in an attempt to keep our bodies healthier, and I have talked to some of you and heard that many of you have made some of those same changes, too. Also, I am aware that some of you and your children have food intolerances or allergies that prevent you from eating dairy, gluten, etc.
That being said, I was wondering if it would be worth offering some healthier selections at the concession stand for Book Swap/Homeschool Fair.  My thought was individual fruit (grapes, bananas, oranges, etc), small bags of nuts, squeeze applesauces, protein bars, Bolthouse or Naked juices, things along those lines.  They would obviously be higher in price 😉
We are not judging your food choices, we would just like to offer some choices if the desire is there 🙂