HFHG Families,

There is an opportunity Tuesday, April 17, 12:45-3:30 p.m., at Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church, to take the Classic Learning Test (CLT). The CLT is an alternative to the ACT and SAT, and is NOT based on Common Core Standards. It is designed with homeschoolers and private school students in mind. HFHG has the opportunity to administer this test at a special rate of $10/student. The test normally costs $54. In the test results, you will receive detailed feedback of areas where your student could improve. Many colleges accept this test in lieu of the ACT/SAT, and there are scholarship opportunities.
For test day, you need to create an account and register with CLT at https://www.cltexam.com/dashboard, AND register below, which is also where you will pay the $10 fee. If there is not an option on the CLT site to register for the CLT on 4/17/18 at HFHG or Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church, that is okay. We have just signed the contract with CLT, and therefore it will take some processing time to complete our registration. If the option isn’t there, we will complete it on the test day. Your student will need to arrive at 12:45 p.m. with a wifi connectable tablet or laptop and two pencils or pens. Scrap paper is provided. No calculators are allowed. The test takes 2 hours, 25 minutes to administer, and students who finish early must sit quietly and wait for the time to expire.
HFHG is excited to offer this opportunity. If you have questions, contact Heather Walton, heatherpwalton@gmail.com or 502-438-4680.