I can’t believe that the busy holiday season is almost in full swing. I don’t know if it’s just me, but it can feel a lot harder to stay focused on homeschooling as the season ramps up. But, fall isn’t over just yet and there are some really fun ways to combine the season with homeschooling. AND, the best part is you don’t even have to come up with the ideas on your own!

Here’s a list of some fun and educational activities for you to check out.

Activities with leaves

The leaves around Louisville have been absolutely gorgeous the past several days. They are also starting to fall. If you have an abundance of leaves in your yard you may want to try on of these activities:

Fun Fall Homeschooling Activities With Leaves

Thanksgiving Science Projects

This link to the Rosie Research website has 4 really cool science projects to try with your children as Thanksgiving approaches. Here are the projects you can choose from (or try them all):

  1. Extract DNA from a pumpkin
  2. Make holiday window decorations
  3. Make a hexbug turkey
  4. Bake the perfect pumpkin pie


Doodle Prompts

If you are looking for ways to incorporate art in your homeschool day you might be interested in trying “doodle prompts”. It’s a really simple way to get your child drawing more, challenging them to go outside of their comfort zone with their art, and it doesn’t require a lot of supplies. Check out these fall doodle prompt ideas from Rock Your Homeschool.

Free November Doodle Prompts to Boost Homeschool Fun


Some more ideas…

This next link from homeschoolingideas.com has a big range of activities to choose from. It includes both indoor and outdoor activities as well as science and crafts. Choose a few to add to your homeschooling schedule in the next month.

And, don’t forget to check out the website Teachers Pay Teachers. They have LOADS of fall themed worksheets and activities for all ages. You can search by grade or they have a “homeschool” category as well. While there is a cost for many of these resources, they do have plenty of free ones to choose from as well.

Happy fall!