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  • Lesson helpers and ideas
  • BrainPOP Subject references and standards. Some links require subscription.


  • Geography Matters features quality hands-on geography and history materials, articles, and activities to help you make learning fun and memorable.

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Credits Before College Guide

This is a comprehensive guide from Affordable Colleges Online that provides information for students that want to earn college credits early.

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Parents, please note, it is highly suggested that you monitor your child’s time on the internet. The following sites are kid friendly, and many of them are recommended by other homeschool families. However, this will not prevent a child from surfing to another potentially hazardous site. Please notify Nova Davidson if you find anything offensive or inappropriate, so that we may remove the web link from this page. In addition, if you have other websites that you think others may like, please notify Nova with the web address and what category you would like to see it added to. Thanks!

Local Interests And Resources

Christian Websites For Moms & Dads

  • Crown Ministries helps families learn to budget their finances and plan for all of life’s expenses in a Godly manner.
  • Fly Lady If you haven’t heard of this one, you just GOTTA see it!
  • Focus on the Family has been very active in the Christian community for over 20 years. Lots of ideas and support.
  • Home School Mom Getting Organized Planner
  • Homeschool Dads A website for Dads? Check it out.
  • Moms In Touch Do you want to get involved with other women and pray for the schools in your area? Moms In Touch is a great resource.
  • Gospelcom Daily devotions and support from other women are offered by Proverbs 31, “a non- denominational, non-profit organization that brings God’s peace, perspective, and purpose to today’s busy woman.” You can sign up for daily devotions to be sent to your email address and receive a monthly newsletter for a small donation.
  • Love At Home An internet resource for the above average family (more than 2.2 kids).
  • Managers of Their Homes The Maxwell Family.
  • MOMYS others of Many Young Siblings (lots of help here!).