Dear Families,

As most of you know, the ministry of HFHG is one that I have a great passion for!  I love the families and what it can provide for all of you.
In the past couple of years, we have noticed that mostly the same volunteers step up for most of the events and co-ops and while I understand the 80/20 rule, some of these volunteers are about done homeschooling so we need some more servants to take the baton!
We would love for you to pray about how you as a mom or dad (or older student) could use your gifts and talents to support the homeschooling families in the area!  You may not know what this looks like and sometimes we don’t see it either until God puts the pieces together 🙂
For instance, do you absolutely love working with preschoolers and rocking babies?  Do you thrive on organizing a meeting?  How about planning an event?  Maybe you are good with numbers and haven’t used your accounting degree since you started homeschooling.  Do you love talking with a new homeschooling mom and helping her feel like she can do it?  Are you strong in theology and see the big picture of what we are doing?  How about keeping tabs on the website and updating it?
These are just a few of the ways that you could help the ministry of HFHG meet the needs of families!
Also, we know that there has not been a “New to Homeschooling Meeting” for quite a while, so we are going to add that to the docket 🙂
To help you see what HFHG is all about (rather than just reading it on the website), we are going to have a “Check out HFHG” night next Tuesday night, July 25th from 6:00 – 7:00!  This is for anyone new to homeschooling or new to HFHG.
Then at 7:30, we will have an extension of that meeting called “Volunteer with HFHG”.  I remember volunteering with our local homeschool organization when my oldest was in preschool! It’s never too early to use your gifts and talents to glorify the Lord 🙂
We will open the doors at 5:30 for a time of fellowship and then start the meeting promptly at 6:00.  Children are welcome to join you, but we ask that you bring them if they can sit quietly for the hour 🙂
This meeting will be held at a wonderfully welcoming church, Hunsinger Lane Baptist Church at 3400 Summerfield Lane 40220 (it is only about a 1/2 mile from Dicks Sporting Goods on Hurstbourne Lane).
Please come and meet other moms and dads and leaders!
All for His glory,
Suellen Barnes
HFHG Board Member