We have found a great way for our families to support HFHG without doing a typical fundraiser! If you have every purchased a gift card, you can participate in this fundraiser 🙂

The company called Scrip partners with retailers to provide gift cards (at cost) to non-profit organizations and then Scrip gives a rebate of various percentages to the organization (anywhere from 1.5% up to 25%)!

Most of the retailers offer eGift Cards which are wonderful to buy and print out and use within minutes (think date night – Red Robin, grocery store run – Walmart or afternoon cup of coffee – Starbucks)!  Some of the retailers also offer physical gift cards which work much better as gifts to parents, teachers, friends, etc. like Panera, Barnes and Noble, iTunes, Amazon and Cheesecake Factory!

The physical gift cards have a shipping charge associated with them, so we are putting together a large order for physical gift cards (HFHG will pick up the shipping costs) to make it cost efficient!

We will be accepting orders at the co-ops and roller skating by September 16th with the cards available the following week.

Please print out the order form if you would like to purchase one or more gift cards this time around.  Please include your phone number and email address on the form.  e_family-order-form-31

To see what retailers are available, click here brand-category-reportor go to www.shopwithscrip.com.

Thanks for your support!

All for His glory,

Suellen Barnes