Field Day 2019 will be Thursday, May 23rd from 9am-2pm.

If we have inclement weather, we will notify you and Field Day will be canceled.

Field Day will be at Floyd’s Fork Park, 4002 S Pope Lick Road, Louisville, KY 40299. The park is just off Taylorsville Rd. The cost for this year’s Field Day will be FREE for HFHGmembers and $3 per participants with a cap of $10 per family for non-members (payable on Field Day with cash or check).

Please arrive no later than 9:00 am to sign in. No late registrations on the day of field day will be allowed! You MUST register your family here on Sign Up Genius by Sunday, May 12th.

Rules and Announcements begin at 9:45, followed by a group picture. The games will begin immediately after the picture. We will break for lunch and then distribute awards after lunch. Lunch concessions will be conveniently provided at an affordable cost by our HFHG Leaders. You are welcome to bring your own lunches as well, but PLEASE, do not bring anything with peanuts or peanut butter. We want Field Day to be safe for everyone and some of our athletes have severe peanut allergies.

To keep the teams together, each grade is assigned a shirt color. Your child’s grade is the grade they will be COMPLETING this year, not the grade they are going into.

These are the shirt colors:

4 year olds: Blue, Kindergarten: Gray, 1st grade: Red,    2nd grade: Purple, 3rd grade: Yellow, 4th grade: Orange, 5th grade: Green, 6th grade: Blue, 7th-8th grades: Red, 9th-12th grades: Gray.

Though grades participate together, we separate grades by gender so we may distribute more awards.

Depending on numbers, we may combine or separate grades to keep groups manageable, but we will post immediately if we make any changes

We need LOTS of volunteers to make Field Day possible. If we do not have enough volunteers to keep everyone safe, Field Day will be canceled. No special skills or experience is needed and everything needed will be provided.

Positions available for volunteer are:

Judges: Event judges are vital for a successful field day. These volunteers will be stationed at an event. As each group arrives, you will explain your event and guide them to complete it. You are the final say on your event’s winners and will record who won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. Your event will already be set up and you will have a clipboard explaining everything you need to know. Once all age groups are done competing, please grab any cones set up at your event and bring them back up by concessions to help streamline load-up for the tear down volunteers. It’s a great way to spend the day and a great way to see all your children if you have multiple ages.

Group leaders: These volunteers will be responsible for leading their group to each event. You will be provided a clipboard with all the information you need including a map of the events and the orders your group compete in the events. We try to always have at least two leaders per group. Group leaders are able to see all the events and get to spend the most time with the age group they choose.

Registration: Registration volunteers need to arrive early, but volunteer time is brief. These volunteers will be responsible for checking in the families as they arrive and directing them to what comes next. They need to have a friendly face and a calm heart as registration goes quickly despite the many families we serve. Everything needed will be provided.

Toddler area: These special volunteers need a sincere love for little people and a heart full of calm patience. You will be blessed to be near the restrooms and shade trees (the only ones convenient at the park) and to get to play for a few hours with small, happy people. Everything you need will be provided-including blankets for sitting, snacks and drinks, games, toys, and books. Only toddlers of volunteers may be checked in for childcare at the toddler area.

To give us time to prepare everything, registration deadline is Sunday, May 12th. No late registrations will be accepted!

Each athlete will be given a disposable water bottle after they check in that they can write their name on. They are welcome to bring their own water bottles as well. We strongly encourage our athletes to wear a hat and to wear sunscreen as they will be having fun in the sun for a few hours. There is plenty of room if you’d like to bring a blanket for lunch for your family.

FOR VOLUNTEER’S CHILDREN ONLY: There is a toddler area (2 to 4 year olds) for children of volunteers only. If you would like to volunteer and need us to watch your 2 – 4 year old, please sign them up on the sign up page. We ask that the toddlers wear white shirts. The toddler area is on the playground near the shade trees. We will provide snacks, games, stories, and snuggles (if needed) for these sweet little ones.

We look forward to spending this wonderful day with you and your family!

Contact Mandie Lynn at with the subject line “Field Day” if you need more info.

Date: 05/23/2019 (Thu.)

Time: 9:00am – 2:00pm EDT

Location: Floyd’s Fork Park, 4002 S Pope Lick Road, Louisville, KY 40299

Register Here