Ongoing and Long Term

Co-op leadership

Our weekly co-ops serve lots of families by offering classes taught by homeschooling moms and dads.  Running these co-ops takes people who are committed to promoting the classes, scheduling teachers, placing volunteers, taking care of the bookkeeping, delegating tasks and so on.  To be a part of the team, you just need to be willing to serve together in this capacity over the school year.

Board member

HFHG has a vision and commitment to serve the homeschooling families in the area through various activities.  As a board, we oversee the ministries, help them with leadership issues that may arise, continue to take care of the accounting/tax responsibilities,  and make sure that we continue to meet the needs of the families that we serve.


We are a non-profit tax exempt organization that has a lot of money in and out of the ministry because of having so many arms!  We would love someone to oversee and delegate keeping up with the checking accounts and taxes throughout the year.  We could use two to four people to keep up with the demands of this aspect of the ministry.  This is a monthly need for checking account and PayPal management with a yearly tax exempt paperwork submission.  Someone who already has some knowledge of tax preparation would be helpful but not mandatory.


Throughout the year, we have updates to be made to the website.  These include events as well as co-op and sports updates.  If you have a knack for website management or have some computer background, we can teach you how to manage this aspect.  The time it takes varies, but overall, only about 4-5 hours per month.

Member coordinator

To make our new members feel welcomed and to connect them to the right arm of the ministry takes some coordination!  Someone willing to do this aspect would be huge in connecting families and seeing how we can serve them J  Also, this person would help to keep our records current so that no feels left out!  Also, we make ID cards twice a year and although it is not a big time commitment, this is a huge benefit to our families.  This role could be filled with one or two people and would take around 3 – 6 hours per month depending on the month.


We receive weekly emails from our contact us page from the website as well as communication from the bank and fundraising aspects of the ministry.  The person to fill this role would be responsible for checking email at least 3 times per week and forwarding the emails to the proper ministry as well as responding to questions from website inquiries.

What’s Next?

This is a new program that is extension of HFHG’s high school ministry!  What’s next is all about helping students (through agriculture) who have graduated from high school or about to graduate who may need some extra assistance with social skills, job skills and business skills before they are ready to launch.  The main focus will be with those students who are on the autism spectrum.  Because this is new, we don’t have the details on exactly what roles there will be, but if you have a heart for serving in this arm whether it is with gardening or animals, therapy, fundraising, promoting or teaching, please let us know and we can talk!

Koffee Klatch

This is our new name for the moms get together!  These will be monthly on Thursday evenings and the coordinator would only need to be responsible for posting messages of invites as well as making sure there are snacks and coffee for our time together.


This is a relatively new role but is much needed!  As a 501c3 organization, we are allowed to receive tax deductible donations as well as participate in fundraisers.    This could be a team of 2 to 3 people working together to solicit donations from corporations as well as come up with various fundraising that could be done as an organization as a whole such as a Trivia Night or as smaller groups such as Chick-fil-A calendar sales.

Communication Director

This may sound like a lot, but this really is a position that is filled by someone who loves to let people know what is happening within HFHG!  Communicating with the local radio stations, posting on Facebook and Instagram and posting on the Yahoo loop are all ways to reach the homeschoolers in the area.  We have looked into a texting service so that is a possibility, too!  We want to serve as many families as possible and so many are not hearing of what is available because this role has not been filled!

One Time

HS Fair/Book Swap

This is the largest event of the year on the last Friday in May!  It doesn’t take a lot of time aside from the day of the sale, but a team of 4 to 5 people to get it organized makes the day go smoothly J  The tasks needed to make this day a success are:   coordinating concessions, coordinating volunteers for set up/clean up/concessions/sign in, making signs, signing in book sellers and collecting money for memberships.  This is a really fun event to connect families!

Achievement testing

This is a once a year two day event in May, but the planning starts in January.  This event runs well with 3 to 4 people.  One person would coordinate the facility and volunteers, one person would responsible for ordering tests and being the contact with BJU Press and one person would be responsible for communicating with the families and test proctors.

Spelling bee

This event happens in January and is a national event with Howard Scripps.  It only takes a team or 2 to 3 people to make this a great event J  Not a whole lot of prep work for this event, but communicating with the families and distributing spelling lists ahead of time are very important.  Hospitality of the day of the event and set up the evening before takes a few hands, but is not overwhelming .

Geography bee

This is similar to the spelling bee and has not taken place for a couple of years.  It is a worthwhile event like the spelling bee and doesn’t take a lot of prep work.

Field day

This is our second largest event that does take a strong team of 4 to 5 people with lots of volunteers the day of the event!  One person would be the event coordinator with lots of teamwork needed to make the day a success.  There have been very successful field days so the groundwork is already laid so as long as you are willing to put some time into collecting supplies and coordinating the individual events, you can help make this happen!


High school and K/5/8 graduations happen in the middle of May.  Both of these events work well with 4 to 5 people on a team.  Ordering diplomas and gowns, proofreading bulletins, making a picture DVD are all part of these events.  The basic format stays the same from year to year and there is a great template in place for these events!

Young authors contest

This event can be held in the fall or the spring!  A team of 2 to 3 people can coordinate this event with no one doing the lion’s share J  Coordinating book drop-offs, judges and planning the awards banquet are the main aspects of this event.  Again, this event has happened several times to there is a pretty basic template to follow so no reinventing the wheel is needed!

Biz Town

This is a Junior Achievement program that has been a wonderful learning experience for late elementary/early middle schoolers!  Although there is a lot to coordinate for this, the planning and teaching of the curriculum is well worth it!  A team of 4 to 5 people with a heart for seeing the big picture of a civics field trip can pull this off.  The main gist of this program is that the students need to be taught some civics lessons, do some homework about it and put into practice what they have learned in a big group at JA downtown.  The prep time for this mainly includes setting up times for the students to learn the information and placing them in their jobs for the day at JA.

Field trips

This could be one person setting up field trips throughout the city or a team of people working together to contact places to take field trips as well as families to attend them.

Splash Into School pool party

This is an event that takes place once a year in August at a local pool.  A team of 2 to 3 people can easily pull off this event!  All it takes is to reserve a pool and coordinate a potluck dinner (Sign Up Genius does most of the work on this).

Service projects

If you have a heart to coordinate service projects, this is place for you!  You can set up as many or as few projects as you would like.  It would be a matter of contacting families to participate as well as getting the supplies needed (if applicable) and scheduling the event! These could be one time like trick or treating at a nursing facility or ongoing like a monthly park clean up.

Panera Dough-nation pick-ups

Panera Bread on Shelbyville Rd in Middletown donates their leftovers nightly and HFHG has five nights a week that we pick up!  There are volunteers already in place for the pick-ups, so the coordinator would only need to connect periodically with those volunteers to assure that they are still picking up.

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